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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage provides full body treatment for expecting women while adapting to specific postural needs and contraindications. As pregnancy advances, the demands on a woman’s muscles and joints shifts. Prenatal massage addresses these shifts, bringing relief to the body. For many women, receiving regular prenatal massage staves off the most disruptive postural discomforts.

Because the first trimester is commonly the most tenuous some of our therapists are not comfortable performing massage until the second trimester. Other therapists with more advanced training are equipped to provide massage during the first twelve weeks. For this reason it is important that you inform us of your stage in pregnancy when booking.

As pregnancy progresses the massage therapist will utilize various pillows, bolsters, and in some instances levered tables to keep you comfortable while still providing a full body massage.

Therapists will

  • Not perform deep tissue massage on your legs during your pregnancy
  • Avoid deep tissue massage during the first trimester
  • Not use hot stones or Infused lotion during your session
  • Eliminate or moderate any table heat
  • Not massage your ankles unless you are in the last weeks of your pregnancy

Should your therapist be cupping certified and you request cupping, the treatment can only be applied to the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

If you have a high risk pregnancy massage MUST be prescribed or cleared by your doctor prior to your visit. (We do not characterize geriatric pregnancy as high risk.)

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Prenatal Massage