Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

A very light touch that decreases swelling and flushes toxins. This is not a traditional massage and uses only very light pressure.

Lymphatic Drainage is only available at our Applewood studio

Lymphatic Drainage (LDM):
A very light touch modality, working with your lymphatic flow to decrease swelling and flush toxins. Most sessions are done entirely face up with focused treatment to the neck and torso.

When do people get LDM?

  • Post surgery to decrease swelling and bruising, decrease scarring, and flush toxins introduced by anesthesia, antibiotics, and/or pain meds.
  • When dealing with edema, usually characterized by overall puffiness and sensitive nerves.
  • When they’ve had ongoing digestive issues. Treating the digestive system requires focused treatment beyond what is done in a standard LDM so we recommend a 75 minute session in this instance.
  • To support the immune system. It is important to note that if a person is already dealing with a mild illness LDM will usually intensify symptoms as it increases the flushing of toxins and white blood cell distribution, but the duration of symptoms will be shorter. This would matter if, say, a person were going to take a weekend trip- they might rather deal with mild symptoms for a week, than deal with intense symptoms over their weekend even if they’d be well come Monday.
  • When they have been dealing with awful menstrual cycles and/or sleeplessness. Since LDM helps regulate hormone distribution it can positively affect both of these things.
  • When they have had lymphatic nodes removed and deal with chronic moderate lymphedema as a result.

When shouldn’t I get lymphatic drainage?

  • When you are dealing with an infection, sunburn, rash, fever, blood clots, or an entire extremely swollen limb (this can indicate full blown lymphedema or other severe medical conditions, requiring more specialized, emergent medical treatment).
  • Please note that we cannot accommodate Lymphatic Drainage sessions for those that have had a Brazilian Butt Lift. Unfortunately, with the restrictions to positioning, we cannot effectively perform the Lymph Drainage.
  • If you have been drinking heavily the night before or are dehydrated LDM will not be effective.


  • It feels like my therapist is barely touching me? What are they actually doing?
    • Your lymphatic flow is very subtle and also lies very close to the surface in most areas so sensing it requires a very light touch. Your therapist is feeling and following the rate and direction of your flow, addressing any sluggish areas and redirecting unhealthy flow patterns. Integrated into a soft tissue massage, your therapist is draining off inflamed lymphatic or interstitial fluid (this requires a slightly heavier touch) to decrease nerve pain and fluid pressure on an affected muscle.
    • How will getting LDM affect me?
      • Your inflammation and water retention will decrease as a result of LDM which can result in increased energy levels. Those with a heavy toxin load (and therefore more toxins flushed from the treatment) may experience fatigue after a session. LDM commonly causes increased urination as the body flushes more fluids from the tissues.

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