Prenatal Massage


Designed for pregnant women, prenatal massage is a therapeutic and relaxing way for hardworking mothers to loosen muscles affected by pregnancy. Pregnancy affects muscles, joints, and ligaments in a different way, so these adjustments are made in a pre-natal massage. With proper placement of pillows for support, massage therapy for expectant mothers is a wonderful way to reduce stress, decrease swelling, increase circulation, and relieve back pain or other tension areas.

The side lying method will be used for those mothers that are far enough along and are not able to lay on their stomach. Our therapists are trained in prenatal massage so they know the risks and contraindications and can assure you a safe and relaxing massage session.


Prenatal Massage: 30 mins ……. $40
Prenatal Massage: 45 mins ……. $60
Prenatal Massage: 60 mins …… $80
Prenatal Massage: 75 mins ……. $100
Prenatal Massage: 90 mins …… $115
Prenatal Massage: 2 hours ……. $155