COVID-19 Response

Renew Massage Studio's Response to COVID-19

We've made some changes to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Renew Massage Studio mourns with the rest of our community for the lives we’ve lost in the COVID-19 pandemic. They were our family members, our friends, and our neighbors and we wish they were all still with us today.

There will be some changes in the way we operate and interact with clients as we adjust our protocols to account for new state and city guidelines. Both massage and acupuncture require close proximity so social distancing guidelines don’t apply to our industry. To account for that, here are some of the changes which will be made to ensure clients and staff are as safe as possible while in our studio:

  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times. No exceptions.
  • Everyone who enters the building will have their temperature checked with a no-touch infrared thermometer and sign a waiver form.
  • Hand Sanitizer available upon entry and in every room.
  • We will limit the use of our lobby. This means that we might require clients to wait outside or in their vehicles until their therapist is ready to start the appointment.
  • We will be reducing the number of Therapists we have available each day.
  • We will be changing and/or reducing our hours of operation.
  • We will be reducing the number of services we offer.
  • We will be staggering the start times of appointments to limit interactions between our clients and increasing the time between clients to give us more time to deep-clean the rooms.
  • We are adding new cleaning protocols to all of our areas to ensure they will be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned between every session and client.
  • We are paying for a professional linen service to clean and sanitize all linen used in the studio.
  • We have added air purifiers to all rooms in the building. These purifiers use both HEPA filters and UV-C light to get rid of airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and viruses.
  • We want to thank everyone for all they’ve done to slow the spread of this disease. Also, thank you in advance for all of your patience, courage, kindness, and understanding as we navigate this new territory. We also appreciate your flexibility as we implement these changes. As always, we ask that anyone who is feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms of an illness to remain at home and reschedule their appointment.