Therapist Spotlight: Kay

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1. List 3-5 words to describe your massage style:

Relaxing, attentive, and tension relief.

2. How did you get into massage and bodywork?

I started my career in massage therapy as way to help my sister who is diagnosed with MS. With her being a mom of two and a special education teacher, I felt I needed to give back to her for all her hard work. By providing an hour a week with a calm, healing environment, I am able to relieve a lot of the symptoms cause by her MS and weekly stress. It makes my day knowing she is ready to take on the next week clear-headed.

3. What would you describe as your massage specialty?

I would say my massage style is a mix of therapeutic and relaxing. This is ideal for people who are new to massage, have a lot of stress and stress inducing tension, insomnia, and people who are sensitive to touch.

4. What does a typical session with “Kay” consist of?

A typical session with me includes a quick intake where we can discuss any current areas of concerns, a warm, quiet and calm environment, light to moderate stretching, hot towels, and aromatherapy.

5. What do you love about being a massage therapist?

What I love most about being a massage therapist is seeing people come in who are tired or sore from the weekly grind and leave visably relaxed and stress free. It puts everyone in a great mood, and hopefully it’s a feeling they can carry with them.
Madeleine P. left this review on Yelp for Kay:
“I want to thank Kay Grayson for the stress-relieving massage. I do physical therapy twice a week for my hips, Kay complimented my therapy with her full body massage. She knew where the tight muscles were, especially in my thighs and hamstrings, and was able to release the tension. I felt so relaxed after our session. Thank you, Kay! I will be requesting her for my next massage. She was amazing!”

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