Therapist Spotlight: Erin

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How do you describe your work?

Intuitive, adaptive, therapeutic, and revitalizing!

How did you get into massage and bodywork?

I got into yoga when I was young from doing the free weekly yoga classes every week at my high school, and got my 200h YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) certification when I was 19. That experience was absolutely life-changing and I knew I was on the right path but not quite satisfied yet. Just a few months later I found myself in massage school!

What would you describe as your massage specialty?

While I have many modalities, I find most of my work is deeper and structural based; like finding and working on the imbalances but keeping them in a relaxed meditative state.

Can you tell us a little more about your training?

I am from NY and did my training in Long Island and it’s a 2 year/1000 hour program. It is equally focused on eastern and western medicine (which I LOVED!) and is completed with an associate’s degree in occupational studies. It has been over 8 years now since I got my license and have accumulated about 50 extra hours in CEUs since then.

What does a typical session with “Erin” consist of?

Well, in the first session I always get to know my clients a bit more extensively, their history, and what they are in for. But every session is catered differently with my full attention on their specific wants and needs. Afterward, I leave them with plenty of recommendations and a follow-up plan if desired.

What do you love about being a massage therapist?

Besides helping and healing people, I love that every day is different and every connection, body, and treatment is unique. And I love that I am still always learning.

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