Raindrop Massage Treatment

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We are now offering a Raindrop Massage Treatment with Natalie!
Raindrop Massage combines the power of essential oils into a therapeutic massage session.

60 min session…. $95
75 min session…. $115
90 min session…. $130
(Pricing includes the cost of all the oils used)

It is named for the feeling of essential oils dropped along the spine like rain, this unique treatment involves the application of approx. ten different essential oils. While increasing relaxation it’s main purposes are to:
-refresh the central nervous system
-boost the immune system
-cleanse the body of present viral infections
-balance the body’s emotional centers
Oils are applied in a specific sequence to the spine, feet and/or lower legs in combination with massage therapy techniques and hot towel application, activating specific nerve centers and increasing the absorption of the oils. The oils actively work in the body for three to seven days following treatment and benefits can extend for up to a month.

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