Therapist Spotlight: Ali

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renewheadshot26An Interview with Ali

How did you get into massage and bodywork?

“I grew up in a really special family. My grandpa was an organic grain farmer and studied arduously about herbs and nutritional healing.  Once I realized my passion for bodywork, it was a very natural thing for me being a part of my lineage. I knew I wanted to help people and I started studying any kind of healing I could get my hands on. Massage Therapy was a very accessible path for me and has been the solid foundation for all my other studies.”

How did you get into acupuncture?

“I can’t remember the specific moment I decided to become an acupuncturist. In a way it was kind of always there. My interest was solidified when I received my first acupuncture treatment. I didn’t have any major complaints but the elevated sense of peace and ease I experienced after my session was enough for me. I recognized it could afford me the most optimal version of myself and continued to use acupuncture as my first line of treatment for issues that popped up.

I practiced massage for 4 years before starting acupuncture school. After that, I felt I had a good grasp on the physical body and could locate and palpate points easily. My favorite area has been fertility, pregnancy, and helping with postpartum hormone balancing. I also really get excited about treating headaches and any kind of emotional/spiritual issues. It is so exciting to see people get better.”

What does a typical session with Ali consist of?

“I have a blended technique of Swedish massage, deep tissue and acupressure. I usually warm up the tissue using the blood moving strokes of traditional Swedish massage. This also allows me to palpate specific areas of the muscles that feel congested. After the tissue is warmed up, I like to use sustained compression on the areas that are “knotted.” My goal in using prolonged pressure on knots and acu-points is to give the tissue a chance to relax and feel ‘safe’.  Also, I feel it allows the recipient a space to really let their thoughts calm and tune into their body. I think slowing down the thought process and grounding down into the physical body is an important part of the massage benefit. Typically I don’t talk a lot during my sessions. I try to provide this space for whatever the mind and body needs to let go of in order to heal itself but I do always check in.”

“There is so much to learn in the realm of alternative medicine and body work, I definitely consider myself a life long student. Looking forward to starting a new area of study and practice, leaning towards learning more about energy work with Reiki, Quantum Touch or something I have yet to stumble upon.”

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