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Now Offering Cupping at Renew. Cupping can be done during massage or Acupuncture treatment for no extra charge by therapists Ali and Jamaica

Cupping:cupping massage - a young woman

Cupping is typically done using polished glass cups of various sizing depending on the area that you are treating. You take flame inside of the cup, enough to draw the oxygen out. The lack of oxygen creates a suction and with a quick hand you place the cup on the tissue. The suction creates kind of a reverse massage pulling up instead of pushing down. Moving cupping is done to massage the tissue and get blood flowing and it feels amazing! Stagnant cupping creates a myofascial release allowing the connective tissue around the muscle to relax making any other muscle work more effective. The other benefit of cupping is that the suction will draw out stagnate blood from the muscle allowing it to get into the space where the lymphatic system can more easily process it out of the body allowing for faster healing and removal of lactic acid and other toxins that build up from muscle metabolism. If there is poor blood flow from stagnation there will  be more discoloration that looks like a bruise. It’s actually not painful like a bruise because there is no contusion causing tissue damage! As cupping treatment is continued overtime the color reaction will change as the tissue gets a healthier blood flow. Most people that continue regular cupping treatments will end up with no discoloration following cupping treatment. Cupping is frequently used to treat early stage colds and flu, trauma, and muscle pain, especially in the back and shoulders.

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