Massage Therapist Spotlight: Julz

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We are excited to showcase Julz, who joined our team last Summer! She’s been practicing her gift here in the Rockies for ten years strong and brings an intuitive blend of deep tissue, structural integration, and sports massage that provides relaxation as well as lasting results.

An Interview With Julz:

How did you get into massage therapy and bodywork?

“I decided to go to massage school in February 2005, as I couldn’t ignore it calling me anymore. And I think it was probably one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’ve always wanted to travel and help people so, there’s that. But being in tune with your own body is highly underrated. The body can tell you all sorts of things if you have fine-tuned proprioception. I want to bring people’s awareness back into their own bodies. “

What would you describe as your massage specialty?

“My specialty is trigger point therapy and structural integration. I basically like to get down to the root of the problem. I will lengthen tissue and target postural indifferences. But don’t let that scare you. I’ve perfected a gentle approach leaving only Ohh’s and Ahh’s. “

What does a typical session with Julz consist of?

“A typical session with me begins with a few easy history questions. I like to know what your body does as far as work, hobbies and play or sports. I’ll also do a quick viewing which you may or may not notice as I assess the body and make a game plan. I approach bodywork very seriously so I don’t talk during the session, but I’ll check in occasionally. I zen out in muscle land.

My hands feel tension and work accordingly. I’ll warm up the tissues before I begin my work. I use a lot of deep slow strokes to lengthen soft tissue layers. I like to work on those trigger points that cause so, so many problems. Trigger point referral pain can sometimes mimic painful conditions such as carpal tunnel, sciatica, and frozen shoulder, and releasing the right trigger points can alleviate that referred pain. If you think you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome then you may have experienced some pain in your hands. Consequentially, it might be worth consulting a hand surgeon with regard to treatment options.

I will usually give homework in the form stretches or strengthening exercises. I’m more than happy to go over said stretches and exercises with you privately to ensure proper self care. I thoroughly enjoy being a body worker and I believe it shows in my work. My goal is to heal the world one hour at time. :)”

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