Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage TherapyAt Renew we specialize in therapeutic massage therapy. We incorporate a variety of techniques to focus on your aches, pains, and needs while still giving an overall relaxing massage session. Our sessions can include:

Swedish Massage
Deep tissue Massage
Neuromuscular Massage
Stretching Trigger point Therapy
Sports massage

We will discuss with you what you want from your massage session, whether it be a deeper tissue massage to focus on an old injury or a full body/ relaxation massage  with focus on some specific pain and tension areas. Our therapeutic massages are always versatile and unique to your individual needs so you get the care you want and deserve.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot StoneThere is nothing that says relaxation more than a hot stone massage. In our hands we used heated basalt stones in the massage. The heat from the stones can really help to relax the muscles and penetrate deeper into the tissue, easing pain and tension. And lets admit it, the heat feels amazing. We also place the stones on trigger point areas and certain muscles to loosen up the tissue before we massage the area.

Hot Stone Massage can be used as a tool for a deep tissue massage, or during a therapeutic massage to help loosen up the muscles for deeper results. It can also be a relaxing and pampering session for the ultimate full body experience and small stones can even be placed on the head and in between the toes.


Prenatal Massage

Prental MassageDesigned for pregnant women, prenatal massage is a therapeutic and relaxing way for hardworking mothers to loosen muscles affected by pregnancy. Pregnancy affects muscles, joints, and ligaments in a different way, so these adjustments are made in a pre-natal massage. With proper placement of pillows for support, massage therapy for expectant mothers is a wonderful way to reduce stress, decrease swelling, increase circulation, and relieve back pain or other tension areas.

The side lying method will be used for those mothers that are far enough elong and are not able to lay on their stomach. Our therapists are trained in prenatal massage so they know the risks and contraindications and can assure you a safe and relaxing massage session.


Couples Massage

Couples MassageOur couples massages are a great way to spend time with a loved one. We have two tables set up in the same room so you can experience the joy of massage therapy together. You can choose any of our services, ie Therapeutic Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal or Hot Stone, during a couples massage and your session will be tailored to your needs.

Couples massages are a great way to spend a holiday or special occasion. They are also great way for mothers and daughters, siblings, or even best friends to relax together.


Massage with Cupping

This is our signature therapeutic massage with cupping done towards the end of the massage session.

Cupping uses a flame in a glass cup to create a suction and with a quick hand you place the cup on the tissue. The suction creates kind of a reverse massage pulling up instead of pushing down, and creates a myofascial release allowing the connective tissue around the muscle to relax. The other benefit of cupping, is that the suction will draw out stagnate blood from the muscle allowing for faster healing and removal of toxins that build up. If there is poor blood flow from stagnation there will be discoloration that looks like a bruise. It’s actually not painful like a bruise because there is no contusion causing tissue damage! As cupping treatment is continued, the color reaction will change as the tissue gets a healthier blood flow. Cupping is frequently used to treat muscle pain, especially in the back and shoulders, trauma, and early stage colds and flu.



Table Thai Massage


While traditional Thai massage is a clothed massage performed on a mat, Table Thai consists of the compression and stretching poses of traditional Thai with the added benefits of Deep Tissue and Swedish techniques.  A dynamic experience, where the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints receive the benefit of movement and massage.  Table Thai massage pays thorough attention to joints, muscles, and fascia.  For this reason, if you would like a full body session please allow 90 minutes to 2 hours. 30 to 60 minutes will be customized to specific areas of focus.  




Chair Massage

Chair Massage TherapyWe also offer Chair massage therapy for your office or special events. We bring everything to you so you can take a relaxing break from your busy work place.

Chair massage is a great way to show thanks to your hard working staff and employees. It can be relaxing and therapeutic way to release neck and back tension from the job.

$75 per hour, one hour minimum.
Our prices can be paid by the employer, or paid by the employees.
We may also charge a $10-$20 traveling/parking fee depending on the location.
Please call 303-990-0841 to schedule a chair massage session for your office or special event.