Massage Therapist Spotlight: Rachel

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Massage Therapist Spotlight: Rachel

We were thrilled to add Rachel to our team last Spring and our clients have been impressed by her skills ever since. Here are what some clients have said about her work.

“She has great consistency; strong, steady pressure and even flow that stretches fascia while releasing whole muscle groups. That calm strength is pervasive through her demeanor as well, instantly making you feel relaxed and secure as her client.” -A.F.
“Rachel is honestly the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to, and I’ve seen a ton of them – I used to get 2 sports therapy massages a week, and Rachel does what they accomplished for me with less pain and in a more comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend her!” -R.G.
“She is capable of continuous power and strength during the entire session.” -T.M.
“Rachel is able to release deep, chronic restrictions to improve range of motion and flexibility. Her work is very grounding and helps you to become more aware of your body’s current condition. After her work, my body felt lighter and my movement freer.” -C.K.
“I saw amazing results after one session.” -T.M. 
An Interview With Rachel:
How did you get into massage and bodywork?
“I would definitely say massage chose me. I was nineteen and determined to escape Alaska when I stumbled upon massage therapy. Ten years later, massage is still my true passion.”
What would you describe as your massage specialty?

“My specialty is a blend of deep tissue, slow dragging and stretching of the fascia. I often use trigger point therapy and Thai stretching techniques during my sessions.”
What does a typical a session with Rachel consist of?

“My sessions are always curated to the clients needs. I like to look at occupation, stress levels, activities, and current mood to dive into areas that need special attention. Personally, I enjoy working on hands, feet, face/head, and neck.  I always finish a session with suggested stretches and other helpful tactics to maximize all the benefits of the massage.”

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  1. Rachel is the best! I really love her massages1

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