Helpful Tips To Thrive This Ski Season

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Helpful Tips To Thrive This Ski Season
One of the greatest parts about Colorado’s chilly, blustery winter is that it’s time for ski/snowboard season! If you plan on hitting the slopes, we’ve got some helpful tips on preparing for and recovering from a day on the mountain.
Get a sports massage, or two! There are different styles of sports massage, based on whether you’re just about to start your activity or if you have just finished one.
-Pre-event sports massage aims to warm up your muscles and joints in preparation for your activity, improving athletic performance and reducing the risk of injuries. This massage will consist of slightly quicker work including compression, light jostling, joint mobilization, and friction techniques.
-Post-event sports massage focuses on relaxing and rejuvenating your body by flushing out tired muscles, calming the nervous system, gently mobilizing joints, stretching, and muscle cramp relief.
Stretching before exercise can actually make muscles more prone to injury, so it is important to save this for the end of your mountain adventure. A good stretching session done right after you’re off the slopes, while your muscles are warmed up and can relax afterward, can reduce soreness and tension for the following days of recovery. Regularly stretch out those quads, hamstrings, IT bands, calves, glutes, shoulders, neck, and back muscles. Your body will thank you!
As with any good workout, it is important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the slopes. Staying hydrated will allow for better circulation (warmer fingers and toes), a more gentle altitude adjustment (at higher altitudes, the body loses water at a faster rate, requiring frequent re-hydration), and help to keep fatigue at bay- you’ll have more energy, which means more runs!
Following your day on the mountain, try a warm bath soak to increase circulation and sooth overworked muscles and joints. Add a couple of cups of Epsom salt (a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory) to your bath and reap the benefits.

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