Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!
All Hallows’ Eve brings fright, fun, and… candy! And as delicious as they are, we all know that those sweet treats will sneak too much sugar into our bodies before we’ve even noticed what’s happening. Overloading with sugar can have scary effects on the body, so tomorrow, keep these tips in mind to help your body recover from tonight’s yummy festivities.

Drink More Water

Too much sugar can compromise immune system functioning. Staying hydrated will not only help flush out excess sugar, but will also increase the oxygen amounts in your blood, encourage lymph production, and help carry vital nutrients to your cells.
Get Enough Sleep
When you eat sugar, your body will want more sugar. When you’re tired, it’s much more difficult to resist morning doughnuts or afternoon candy bars. Getting enough sleep can combat sugar cravings and help you stay focused! The amount of sleep needed to function optimally varies per person, so a good way to gauge if you’re getting enough is if you’re feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Try going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning to train your brain into a regular sleeping schedule.
Work off that sugar stash with your favorite sport or exercise. For a quick fix, try some jumping jacks, blurpies, or run in place for a couple of minutes to wake up your metabolism. Moderate exercise will make your body utilize more glucose and can lower blood sugar over time.

We wish you a spooky and safe night of adventure and a healthy morning to follow!

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