Going Organic In Fabrics

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It’s become well known that choosing the organic option when selecting your fruits and veggies is a better option for your health than conventionally grown food using pesticides and GMOs. However, the clothes you wear, fabrics on your furniture and blankets, and products in your daily care regimen are often borne from crops as well. Among the most popular of these crops is cotton.
Our conventional cotton industry is a major contributor to global sales of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Our farmers and everyone involved in handing these crops are exposed to large amounts of potentially carcinogenic chemicals, and local water supplies have been contaminated by runoff from chemical-laden farms. As consumers, we’re exposed to any remaining residue on the final products. Genetically modified cotton is also prevalent in a vast percentage of these crops.  Seeds from the cotton plants are used to make cooking oil and animal feed among other consumable products.
Farmers of organic crops avoid those chemicals and genetic modifications by using organic seeds with natural compost instead of conventional fertilizers, rotating their crops more frequently, and encouraging natural predators of cotton pests to keep a natural balance.

At Renew, we respect your health and the health of our environment, and strive to use only the highest quality products in our treatments. You can rest at ease knowing that along with our massage lotions and oils, all of the sheets and face rest covers that we use are 100% organic!

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